IAS Exam Preparation: Booklist for Civil Engineering Optional

UPSC Mains Exam: Booklist for Civil Engineering Optional

  1. Engineering Mechanics– Shames
  2. Mechanics for Engineers– B Johnson
  3. Engineering Mechanics –Mchean
  4. Limit State Design– Ram Chandra
  5. Surveying – Punmia
  6. Strength of Material – N. Vazaram
  7. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering –A Singh and K R Arora
  8. Strength and Meterials -UC. Jindal
  9. Introduction to Mechanics of Solids
  10. Basic and applied Fluid Mechanics-Garde
  11. Strength of material –Gere and Timoshenko
  12. Concrete Technology –S. Shetty
  13. C.C. (WSM) – Shyal and Goyal
  14. C.C. (LSM) –A.K. Jain
  15. Steel Structure – S. Negi
  16. Soil Mechanics – R. Arora
  17. Fluid Mechanics – Modi & Seth
  18. Theory of Structure (Vol – II) – Vazirani and Ratwani
  19. Irrigation Engineering – S.K. Garg
  20. Prestress Concrete – Krishna Rajee
  21. Engineering Hydrology –  Subramanya

Below-given is the major topics covered under the Civil Engineering Optional Subject of UPSC Mains Exam.


  1. Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis

1.1 Engineering Mechanics

1.2. Strength of Materials

1.3 Structural Analysis

  1. Design of Structures: Steel, Concrete and Masonry Structures:

2.1 Structural Steel Design

2.2 Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures

  1. Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow and Hydraulic Machines

3.1 Fluid Mechanics

3.2 Dimensional Analysis and Similitude

3.3 Laminar Flow

3.4 Boundary layer

3.5 Open channel flow

3.6 Hydraulic Machines and Hydropower

  1. Geotechnical Engineering


  1. Construction Technology, Equipment, Planning and Management:

1.1 Construction Technology: Engineering Materials

1.2 Construction

1.3 Construction Planning and Management

  1. Surveying and Transportation Engineering

2.1 Surveying

2.2 Railway Engineering

2.3 Highway Engineering

  1. Hydrology, Water Resources and Engineering

3.1 Hydrology

3.2 Ground water flow

3.3 Water Resources Engineering

3.4 Irrigation Engineering

  1. Environmental Engineering

4.1 Water Supply

4.2 Intake of water

4.3 Sewerage systems

4.4 Sewage characterization

4.5 Sewage treatment

4.6 Solid waste

5. Environmental pollution

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