UPSC Exam Preparation: IAS Booklist for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Optional Subject

Here’s a list of books for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Optional Subject which aspirants can refer for their IAS Exam Preparation.

  • A guide on forest Entomology – Regupathy
  • A Textbook Of Animal Husbandry- G C Banerjee
  • Advanced Animal Nutrition- D. V Reddy
  • Agricultural Economics- S Subba Reddy
  • Animal husbandry & veterinary science- T.N. Palanivelu
  • Animal Husbandry- Gyan Deep Singh, Anmol Publishers
  • Animal Physiology- K. A. Goyal, Rastogi Publishing
  • Animal Physiology- Kavita Juneja, Anmol Publishers
  • Basics Of Animal Physiology- Monalisa Kar, Anmol Publishers
  • Biotech’s Dictionary Of Animal Husbandry – Daya Publishing
  • Biotechnology Expanding Horizons – B D Singh, Kalyani Publishers
  • Essentials Of Plant Breeding -Phundan Singh, Kalyani Publishers
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture Volume-1 -Arun Katyayan, Kushal Publications
  • Fundamentals Of Agriculture Volume-2 -Arun Katyayan, Kushal Publications
  • General Agriculture- Muniraj S Rathore, Jain Brothers
  • Handbook Of Agriculture, Publisher : ICAR
  • Handbook Of Animal Husbandry -Manoj Kumar Rai, Oxford Book Company
  • Horticulture At A Glance Volume II -A S Salaria, Jain Brothers
  • Indian forestry – A breakthrough approach to forest service- K. S Manikandan and S. Prabhu
  • Introduction To Agriculture – A K Vyas, Jain Brothers
  • Milk And Milk Products Technology -Subhash Biswas, Jaypee Brothers
  • Principles Of Agronomy- Yellamanda Reddy, Kalyani Publishers
  • Principles Of Animal Nutrition & Feed Technology- D V Reddy, Oxford
  • Principles Of Genetics & Animal Breeding- F H KHAN, Jaypee Brothers
  • Textbook Of Animal Diseases -Ashok Kumar, Sonali Publication

Also below given is the topic-wise book list to help aspirants in cracking the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam.

Topic Wise Books
Paper - I

Unit I : Animal Nutrition

  1. Practical Animal Nutrition – Vishal Mudgal
  2. Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition – Tiwari S
  3. Analytical techniques in Animal Nutrition Research – N N Pathak, D N Kamra, N Agarwal, R C Jakhmola
  4. The Mineral Elements in Animal Nutrition – Ernest Browning Forbes
  5. Studies in Animal Nutrition: Changes in Chemical Composition on Different Planes of Nutrition – Charles Robert Moulton
  6. The Balance Between Inorganic Acids and Bases in Animal Nutrition – Ernest Browning Forbes
  7. The Utilization of Calcium Compounds in Animal Nutrition – Anonymous
  8. Principles Of Animal Nutrition And Feed Technology – Reddy
  9. Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding –  Wilson Pond (Author),‎ David Church (Author),‎ Kevin Pond (Author),‎ Patricia Sc (Author)

Unit II: Animal Physiology

  1. On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals – William Harvey

Unit III: Animal Reproduction

  1. Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction (Vol. 4) – V. K.Verma, Anil Gupta
  2. Reproduction in Domestic Animals – Perry T Cupps
  3. Semen of animals and its use for artifical insemination – James Anderson

Unit IV: Live Stock Production and Management

  1. Commercial Dairy Farming to Produce Milk – Eiri Board
  2. Profits, Costs, and the Changing Structure of Dairy Farming – James MacDonald, Erik O’Donoghue
  3. Principles Of Dairy Management – Rao. P Venkateshwara
  4. Dairy Farming For Milk Production Technology – EIRI Board
  5. Commercial Egg Farming from Practical Experiences – Sydenham George Hanson

Unit V: Genetics and Animal Breeding

  1. Animal Genetics Vol 19 – International Livestock Research Institute
  2. Analytic Genetics of Animal Development – Gurchan Singh Sandhu
  3. Principles Of Genetics & Animal Breeding – Khan Fh, Singh A
  4. Principles of Animal Genetics and Population Genetics – Dr R. Thiagarajan
Paper - II

Unit I : Anatomy, Pharmacology and Hygiene

  1. Text-Book of Histology Including the Microscopic Technique – Philipp Stoehr
  2. Animal Cell Culture and Technology – Michael Butler
  3. Introduction to Vertebrate Embryology – Waldo Shumway
  4. Textbook of Vertebrate Embryology – Majumdar
  5. Poultry Diseases, with a Chapter on the Anatomy of the Fowl – Benjamin Franklyn Kaupp
  6. Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Concepts and Applications – Rowland
  7. Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics – Leon Shargel, Andrew B.C. Yu, Susanna Wu-Pong
  8. Veterinary Hygiene – Robert George Linton
  9. Poultry Culture, Sanitation and Hygiene – Benjamin Franklyn Kaupp

Unit II: Animal Diseases

  1. The Prevention and Treatment of Diseases of the Domestic Animals Including Etiology and Symptoms – Kenelm Winslow
  2. Advances in Medical and Veterinary Virology, Immunology, and Epidemiology – Thankam Mathew
  3. Pets at Risk: From Allergies to Cancer, Remedies for an Unsuspected Epidemic – Albert J. Simpson, Alfred J. Plechner, Martin Zucker
  4. Vet Epidemiology – Thrusfield
  5. Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Control of Helminth Parasites of Swine – Allan Roepstorff
  6. A Text-Book of the Diseases of the Small Domestic Animals – Oscar Victor Brumley
  7. Anaesthesia & Narcosis of Animals and Birds – Frederick Thomas George
  8. IAP Guidebook on Immunization 2013-14 – Vashishtha V.M
  9. Advanced Pathology & Treatment of diseases of Domestic Animals – C D N Singh
  10. Animals and Medicine: The Contribution of Animal Experiments to the Control of Disease – Jack Botting
  11. Farm Animal Health and Disease Control – J.H. Galloway
  12. Livestock Disease Control – With Information on the Classification, Causes and Prevention of Livestock Diseases
  13. Diseases of Animals; A Book of Brief & Popular Advice on the Care & the Common Ailments of Farm Animals – Nelson Slater Mayo
  14. Poultry Diseases, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, with Notes on Post-Mortem Examinations – E J Wortley
  15. The Care of Animals; A Book of Brief and Popular Advice on the Diseases and Ailments of Farm Animals-Nelson Slater Mayo

Unit III: Veterinary Public Health

  1. Zoonoses : Bacterial Diseases – Sudhi Ranjan Garg
  2. Zoonoses : Parasitic and Mycotic Diseases – Sudhi Ranjan Garg
  3. Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Control of Helminth Parasites of Swine-Allan Roepstorff
  4. Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence – Kirti Dua

Unit IV: Milk and Milk Products Technology

  1. Methods and Standards for the Production and Distribution of “Certified Milk.”
  2. Pasteurization and Milk Preservation, with a Chapter on Selling Milk – John Henry 1848 Monrad
  3. Pasteurization of Milk and Cream for Direct Consumption – Harry Luman Russell
  4. Standardization of Milk and Cream – Erf Oscar
  5. The Principles of Modern Dairy Practice from a Bacteriological Point of View – Grotenfelt Gsta
  6. The Modern Milk Problem in Sanitation, Economics, and Agriculture – Joseph Scott Macnutt
  7. The Modern Milk Problem in Sanitation, Economics, and Agriculture – Macnutt Joseph Scott
  8. Milk and Dairy Product Technology – Edgar Spreer
  9. Milk and Milk Products: Technology, Chemistry, and Microbiology – Jane Sutherland, Alan Varnam
  10. Modern Technology Of Milk Processing & Dairy Products – NIIR Board
  11. H.B. of Milk Processing Dairy Products and Packaging Technology – EIRI Board
  12. Production Processing and Marketing of Milk and Milk Products – Rajendra Kumar Pandey

Unit V: Meat Hygeine and Technology

  1. Text-Book of Meat Hygiene – Richard Heinrich Edelmann
  2. Meat Hygiene – Kavita Marwaha
  3. Meat Hygiene and Food Safety – Mhd Rashid, R Agarwal
  4. The Complete Book on Meat Processing And Preservation with Packaging Technology – NIIR Board of Consultants & Engineers
  5. Principles Of Meat Technology – Singh V P
  6. Technology of Chicken Meat and Poultry Products – Himadri Panda
  7. Meat And Meat Products: Technology, Chemistry And Microbiology-Sutherland Jane P, Varnam Alan H
  8. Poultry Products Technology – Mountney G J
  9. Poultry Products Technology – Jeanne M Miller
  10. The Marketing of Poultry Products – A Collection of Articles on the Business Methods of the Poultry Keeper


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