UPSC Exam Preparation: IAS Booklist for Botany Optional

Here is a list of books for Botany Optional subject for UPSC Mains Exam Preparation. This initiative is to aid aspirants in their UPSC Exam Preparation who choose Botany as their optional subject for UPSC Civil Services Main Exam.

  1. Cell Biology: De Robertis & Ambrose and Easy or Powar
  2. Genetics: Strickberger or Vir Bala Rastogi
  3. Physiology and Biochemistry: Salisbury and Ross or Fritz and Noggle
  4. Ecology: Vir Bala Rastogi and M.S. Jayaraj and P.D. Singh
  5. Economic Botany: Kochar or Verma
  6. Microbiology: Powars’s two books on microbiology are more than enough.
    General Microbiology Vol. I
    General Microbiology Vol. II
  7. Pathology: Singh’s book along with a foreign author
  8. Cryptograms: B.R. Vasista (alage and fungi), P.C. Vashishta (Pteridophytes gymnosperms) Pandey and Trivedi (both volumes)
  9. Embryology: Bhojwani and Bhatnagar
  10. Plant Anatomy: Esau or B.P. Pandey
  11. Taxonomy: Nair along with Datta

Below given is the major topics covered under the Botany Optional Subject of UPSC Mains Exam.


  1. Microbiology and Plant Pathology
  2. Cryptogams
  3. Phanerogams: Gymnosperms
  4. Plant Resource Development
  5. Morphogenesis


  1. Cell Biology
  2. Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution
  3. Plant Breeding, Biotechnology and Biostatistics
  4. Physiology and Biochemistry
  5. Ecology and Plant Geography

Also, download the UPSC Previous Years’ Mains Question Papers of Botany Optional Subject.

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