IAS Exam Preparation: Booklist for Psychology Optional

UPSC Mains Exam: Booklist and Strategy for Psychology

Here’s a compilation of a list of books and strategy for Psychology optional subject.

Booklist for General Psychology

  1. Introduction to Psychology by Morgan & King
  2. Atkinson & Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology
  3. Psychology by Robert A Baron
  4. Social Psychology by Baron & Byrne
  5. “Psychology-A Student’s Handbook” by Hans Eysench
  6. Systems and theories of psychology by Chaplin and Kraweik –
  7. Psychology XI & XII Std NCERT

Booklist for specific topics

  1. Community Psychology – Pande
  2. Organisational Behaviour – Stephen P. Robbins
  3. Educational Psychology – S. S. Mathur
  4. Social Psychology – Baros & Bryne
  5. Psychological testing – A.K. Singh
  6. Statistical Analysis – Garette
  7. Developmental psychology – E.B.Hurlock
  8. Abnormal Psychology & Modern Life- James .C. Coleman
  9. Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life – Cokman Vead, well-being & Mental disorders, therapeutic approaches and coping mechanisms
  10. Theories of Personality – Hall & Lindzey
  11. Systems & Theories of Psychology – Krawiec & Chaplin
  12. The Psychology of Small Groups – Shaw
  13. Inner World – Sudhir Kakar
  14. Achieving Society – David McClelland

Preparation Strategy for Psychology Optional

In order to cover this optional subject, a candidate should have conceptual clarity, be good with facts, know when and where to use the diagrams. One must also practice interlinking of dynamic and static part of the syllabus while writing answers.

Answer Writing tips

  • Keep your answer short and precise. Don’t exceed the word limit for short answer questions.
  • Start with a catchy introduction and it is advisable to use real-life examples to make the answers dynamic.
  • Highlight important words or phrases by underlining it.
  • Candidates should ensure that the conclusion part in the answers gives the gist of entire discussion presented in the answer.
  • Add lucid diagrams in your answer to make it more effective and expressive.
  • If you incorporate any latest updates in the news in your answers then highlight the same on your answer sheet.

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