IAS Exam Preparation: Law Optional Booklist

UPSC Mains Exam: Booklist for Law Optional

Here’s a compilation of booklist for Law Optional Subject of UPSC Civil Services (Main) Exam.

Booklist for Law Optional Subject Paper I

For Constitutional & Administrative Law

  1. VN Shukla’s Constitution of India Edited by M.P. Singh (Major Source)
  2. Our Constitution – Subhash C. Kashyap
  3. The Constitution of India (Bare Act) – PM Bakshi
  4. Introduction to the Constitution of India – DD Basu
  5. Administrative Law – I.P.Massey
  6. International Law can be prepared from the following books.

For International Law

  1. International Law – Malcom N Shaw
  2. An Introduction to Public International Law – S. K. Verma SK Verma’s

 Booklist for Law Optional Subject Paper II

Section A – Law of Crimes (IPC) & Law of Torts;

Law of Crimes (IPC)
1. Commentary on IPC – KD Gaur

Law of Torts
1. Law of Torts – R.K. Bangia

Section B – Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law & Contemporary Legal Developments

  1. K. Bangia – Law of Contract I & II

Below-given is  list of supplementary books recommended for topic-wise reading. 

Sl. No. Book Name Topics
1  i. K.D. GAUR
ii. Atchuthen Pillai
iii. Ratanlal Dhiraj Lal
Indian Penal Code
2  i. Atchuthen Pillai
ii. R.K. Bangia
iii. Winfield
iv. Ratanlal Dhiraj Lal
v.  Avatar Singh
Law of Tort
3 i. V.N. Shukla
ii. S.K. Kapoor
iii. J.N. Pandey
iv. M.P. JAIN
Constitutional Law
4 i. Avatar Singh Law of Contract
5 i.  R.K. Bangia
ii. Avatar Singh
iii. Pollack and Mulla
Merchantile Law
6 i. P.K. Tripathi
ii. Dias
ii. Malcom N Shaw
iii. S. K. Verma
International Law

Below-given is the major topics prescribed for the Law Optional Subject Syllabus of UPSC Mains Exam.

                                                                   PAPER – I

  1. Constitutional and Administrative Law
  2. International Law


  1. Law of Crimes
  2. Law of Torts
  3. Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law
  4. Contemporary Legal Developments




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